World Class Muskie Fishing in Northern Ontario

World Class Muskie Fishing in Northern Ontario

Reid’s Birch Island Resort is located on one of the most exciting and productive stretches of Muskie water in Northern Ontario. The Winnipeg River system is well known as being world class Muskie fishing water.

“When you trace the Muskie’s genealogy far enough back, you quickly discover the legendary fish of 10,000 casts is, in fact, a river monster, evolved to live in current. That’s why some of the very best Muskie fishing is found in rivers.” – Gord Pyzer. The Winnipeg River system flows through numerous fantastic Muskie territory, including Gunn Lake, Lost Lake and Little Sand Lake.

For those anglers who want to catch not just any Muskie, but a real trophy fish, picking the right destination is even more important than picking the right lure. The greatest anglers consistently put themselves where the biggest fish are and then think about tactics and tackle. A short boat ride in either direction of Birch Island are many world class Muskie spots.

Thinking About Coming to Visit?

Best Time of Year to Find Trophy Muskie

The Muskie season in Ontario runs from mid-June to mid-December so there is ample time for you to catch one of these “big girls".

Most seasoned Muskie guides agree that September and October are the peak trophy months. The water temperature drops and muskies start putting on fat for the upcoming winter. “The cold water period brings spawning baitfish shallow to spawn. The big fish follow to feed and, when they do, it’s the most voracious feeding time of the year for big muskies” – Babe Winkelman.

Mornings, evenings, and nights are the best times to fish early in the fall. While fall time is peak trophy season, Muskie can be caught during all times of the season.

Our Guides Love Fishing for Trophy Muskie

Our guides are true Muskie hunters and have landed many trophy Muskies on the Winnipeg River.  They are also advocates for the preservation of the species as the quality of Muskie fishing depends on good catch and release practices.

We offer guiding for those who are interested in fishing for muskellunge but do not have the time to develop the knowledge on their own for this type of specialized fishing. A variety of packages can be chosen from but for true trophy hunts we recommend bookings of 3 days or more. Weekdays offer less boat traffic on the river and are recommended if you have the option but Winnipeg River waters have very little pressure in general.

Whether you are brand new to the sport or a seasoned veteran who wants to learn the latest tricks, tips, and behaviors of muskellunge, we can help. Teaching anglers the best handling and release practices based on the latest science and understanding how to read the signs of stress in Muskies is also very important to us.

How to Get Here

Reid’s Birch Island Resort is a fantastic place to chase Muskie. The location makes it perfect for families too.

If Flying:

The town of Minaki, Ontario is 150 miles east of the Winnipeg International Airport. From there, Birch Island Resort is happy to arrange any and all of your ground transportation needs and logistics.

If Driving:

After clearing Canadian Customs at Fort Frances, drive west on Hwy. 11 to Hwy. 71. Travel north on Hwy. 71 to the Trans-Canada Hwy. 17, then west on Hwy. 17 to 17A. Turn north on Hwy. 596, 25 miles of paved highway to Minaki. If you travel Interstate 29 to the Manitoba Border, go north on Hwy. 75. Take the Winnipeg by-pass east to Trans-Canada Hwy. 1. Follow east to 17A to Hwy. 596 (Minaki turn-off).

Follow the signs for the Minaki Marina. This will be your arrival point for transportation to Birch Island Resort. There is ample and safe parking for your vehicle and fishing or hunting licenses can be obtained here.

For many Muskie anglers, a simple hobby turns into a lifelong addiction. Muskie fishing offers a thrill that compares to no other type of fishing.

The Ontario record Muskie is 65 pounds and 58 inches long and the northwestern region of the Province is thought by many to be the location where this record will be broken – maybe you'll be the one to break it!

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