Why Do Guests Come To Our Fishing Resort? It’s Not as Obvious as You May Think

Why Do Guests Come To Our Fishing Resort? It’s Not as Obvious as You May Think

If you’re looking for a place of warmth, happiness, and adventure, then Birch Island Resort in Minaki, Ontario should be your next vacation destination. Our visitors return year after year, with groups spanning multiple generations in many cases. There are a boat load of reasons as to why they choose beautiful Birch Island in Minaki, Ontario as their vacation destination, but after discussing with guests and hearing their reviews, we’ve narrowed down a few reasons (some less obvious, some more obvious) that they keep coming back to our resort.

The Less Obvious Reasons:

Thinking About Coming to Visit?

The resort is brimming with historical charm:

It isn’t until their first arrival that our guests fully understand and appreciate the historical charm and character of Birch Island Resort.  The resort’s crown jewel is the main lodge that was built over 100 years ago by a director of the former T. Eaton’s Company. With the railroad going through the town of Minaki, it was the perfect location for a getaway. The boathouse was also built 100-years ago and has a ton of history and character to it.

They enjoy learning:

The most advanced fisherman knows there’s so much more to learn. When you break down the number of aspects of fishing that can be studied, the learning is nearly endless. Our guests love the process of learning about each species’ behaviour, their habitats, diets, and on and on.

Fishing requires you to develop and use problem solving skills. One of the best ways to keep your brain healthy is by challenging it with mentally stimulating activities. Fishing presents a myriad of mental challenges that require innovative and creative solutions.

Every time a guest comes back to our resort they build upon their previously acquired knowledge. Our guides are ambassadors of fishing and our guests love to learn as many aspects of the sport as they can from them.

They enjoy seeing their kids try a new sport and learn respect for nature:

Our guests come to our resort to use the sport of angling to strengthen family bonds and create lifelong memories. While some kids do pick up fishing on their own, most often it’s a family member that nurtures the passion for the sport and desire to conserve the resource.

They also use their time fishing at our resort to teach an appreciation and respect for nature to their kids. Fishing is a wonderful time to install a leave-no-trace ethic of not littering, and is a great opportunity to teach the importance of good habitat and clean water for wildlife.

The More Obvious Reasons:

Big & Diverse Fish

Our guests love that they can actively target numerous species over a multi-day trip or even during a single outing. The opportunities are nearly endless.

Smallmouth bass, walleye, northern pike and muskies are plentiful on the Winnipeg River System and its adjoining lakes. You do not have to travel far from our island to get your limit for the day but you will want to experience the big waters of the river system.

Gunn Lake flows into the Winnipeg River System. The river system is approximately 45 miles of waterway with four other adjoining lakes and no portage is required.

Next to sturgeon, muskellunge or musky is the largest sport fish in the Winnipeg River System. Trophy musky are frequently caught and released at Birch Island Resort. Many guests catch big musky in the 48 to 54 inch range.

Walleye are plentiful on the Winnipeg River System. Walleyes range in size from “shorelunchers” up to about 12 pounds. Trophy walleye are frequently caught at Birch Island Resort.

Food that’s on par with the finest restaurants in the world

The highlight of the trip, and what keeps many guests coming back is the meals. Guests experience licenced dining that rivals the finest restaurants. Coffee is delivered fresh each morning as they enjoy a sunrise over the lake.

Our executive chef provides made-to-order breakfasts each day. At noon, lunch is served on the water at one of our hand picked shore lunch spots where guests enjoy fresh-caught walleye and many side dishes.

Dinners feature generous portions of your choice of steaks, chops and seafood, all artfully prepared. Top it off with desert and guests leave every meal with their appetite thoroughly satisfied.

Convenient location

A unique feature of Birch Island that’s guests love is its accessibility. We’re only a three-hour drive from Winnipeg, and a short hop from the American border, the resort doesn’t require flying in, which means no chartered flights. This creates more savings and value for patrons and allows guests to have complete control on how long they’d like to stay.

Whatever the reason, we’re grateful that our guests continue to choose us. We the staff and management always enjoy hosting you and seeing your faces year after year.

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