Spring Fishing Season is Near!

Spring Fishing Season is Near!

Thinking About Coming to Visit?

We’re on the final stretch of winter now here is Sunset Country, Ontario

The days are getting longer and in just a few short months the hard water will be gone and the spring fishing frenzy will begin. The fishing is always good in the Sunset Country area but the spring fishing bite is especially looked forward to.

The month of May is when Sunset Country really begins buzz with excitement. Lodge owners (ourselves included) are busy getting ready for their first guests and locals are counting down the days until “May Long Weekend” which coincides with the opening of walleye fishing.

Spring Fishing in Sunset Country, Ontario

In the spring time the fishing is great because the spawning seasons create much more predictable locations making it easier to narrow down high percentage areas. Once you find fish in one of these areas, it’s a safe bet you can come back in subsequent seasons and find them again, as mature fish will return to the same spawning grounds year after year.

Besides the great fishing, another wonderful part of visiting us in May and June is our daylight stretches from 5am to near 10pm, giving you long days of fishing and enjoying yourself. If you’ll be making the trip to our area from out of province, this website has everything you need to know before fishing in Ontario. It includes how to get a fishing licence, regulations, planning a trip and more.

What to Pack For Your Spring Fishing Trip

The weather in May and June can be unpredictable, but for the most part you should expect warm days and cool nights.

Average Spring Temperatures:

Month Celsius Fahrenheit
Low High Low High
May 3.1 to 6.0 16.0 to 18.9 37.5 to 42.8 60.8 to 66.1
June 9.1 to 11.1 21.1 to 23.1 48.3 to 52.0 70.0 to 73.5

We suggest that you plan your fishing clothing for all weather conditions, layers that can be added or subtracted area best. Here’s some Spring fishing clothing we suggest to pack:

  • Good quality rain gear
  • Heavy shirts & socks
  • Thermal underwear
  • Preferably two pairs of footwear (one waterproof)
  • Toque and gloves
  • Layers – Windbreaker, Hoodie, Fleece
  • Heavier jacket

Bonus: Spring Time Wildlife

In addition to great fishing, May and June is a great time to view wildlife and you’ll frequently see Black Bears with their cubs, especially in the creeks where the fish spawn in May.

We Hope to See You This Spring!

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