Five-Star Fishing & Dining

Five-Star Fishing & Dining

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Food culture and fishing culture are two unique groups or “tribes” if you will, that live for beautiful experiences.

It’s interesting to point out that both fishing culture & food culture are vehicles for self-expression & reflection and they are both used as an excuse to get together, to learn, listen and bond. These two tribes have similar values – they emphasize the experiences in their life and slowing down to savour a particular moment.

“Foodie,” was once a term relegated to food writers and gourmet appreciators, but it now encompasses a broader group. In the last decade, foodie-ism has grown into a social awareness of food systems and a subculture of foodie’s have formed that are focused on the ethics of where their food comes from.

Reconnecting People with Their Food Sources

Fishing is an excellent way to reconnect people with their food and nature. We all still live off of nature, but we're disconnected from it and it's easy to forget where our food comes from.

Many people travel for both food & fishing and love to share their experiences. Foodies and fisherman are involved in a lifestyle that makes up their personal and social identity, so much so that food & fishing tourism exists.

Combining the Fishing & Food Experiences

What if a fishing lodge were to elegantly combine five-star fishing and fine dining and wrap it in the historic charm of a 100+ year old lodge, set on a private island, surrounded by beautiful Canadian Shield landscape and colorful sunsets?

Guests of Reid’s Birch Island Resort are able to combine their passion for food and fishing into one vacation.

What would be better for a food enthusiast and passionate fisherman than to wake up to fresh, high-quality coffee that they can sip while overlooking the lake. Then, before they head out for their morning fish, our executive chef treats them to a made-to-order breakfast.

A morning spent fishing on the stunning Winnipeg River is unforgettable for several reasons. It offers both world class multi-species fishing and world class scenery.

You can make your choice between targeting: Walleye, Muskellunge, Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass. Our guides are the most helpful in the business and will ensure a great time on the water.

At noon, lunch will be served at one of our hand-picked shore lunch spots where you will enjoy fresh-caught walleye and many side dishes. The shore lunches at Birch Island stand as one of the most delicious aspects of your experience. Fresh walleye is prepared in a wide range of our own perfected recipes, from traditional pan-fried to sweet and sour, stir fried, baked or honey mustard. The fish is served along with homemade fries and breads, vegetables and desserts to complete the Birch Island Shore Lunch experience.

For the afternoon, you can continue to fish or you can return to the island and enjoy the scenery from one of the many decks or the boathouse and enjoy a cold beverage.

When its time for dinner, guests gather in our charming dining room where you can get started by choosing from our first-class wine list.

Dinners feature generous portions of your choice of steaks, chops and seafood, all artfully prepared. Top it off with dessert and your appetite will be thoroughly satisfied.

You can finish your day however you choose but they don’t call our area “Sunset Country” for no reason – Make sure you take in one of the colorful sunsets before you call it a night.

At the end of a day spent fishing, you’re left with the same thing as you are at the end of a delicious meal, a feeling of contentment and some great memories and maybe a few photos (assuming you caught and released).

We’ve developed the recipe for a dream vacation for foodie fishermen and we hope you’ll consider coming to experience it.

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