Fishing in Minaki, Ontario

Fishing in Minaki Ontario

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Trophy Fishing on the Winnipeg River System in Minaki, Ontario

Get tips on fishing the Winnipeg River System near Minaki from legendary anglers.

The Winnipeg River System near the town of Minaki is one of the premier fishing destinations in Ontario. Pristine lakes, tranquil waters, picturesque islands and spectacular sunsets await fisherman visiting this area. The area offers anglers a chance to catch trophy sized fish and experience the adventure of a lifetime.

The Winnipeg River is fed by  Lake of the Woods and flows northward through Northwestern Ontario into Manitoba and into Lake Winnipeg. The river is 235 km (146 mi) long from the Norman Dam in Kenora to the mouth of Lake Winnipeg. There are many lakes that are part of the system including Rough Rock Lake, Big Sand, Gun, Pistol and the Winnipeg River.

The river and the lakes offer spectacular fishing opportunities for walleye, muskie, pike and bass. Reid’s Birch Island Resort promotes catch and release helping to ensure that these species remain plentiful on this lake and river system.

Legendary Anglers Come Fishing in Minaki Ontario

Over the years we’ve had alot of legendary anglers come fishing with us. We’ve had the pleasure of hosting the likes of Bob Izumi and his “Real Fishing Show" as well as Babe Winkelman host of the “Good Fishing" show.

Below are are some of the articles and videos these legendary anglers have made that give some great tips for fishing in the Minaki, Ontario area.

Articles Highlighting Fishing in Minaki, Ontario

Alot has been written over the years about fishing in Minaki, Ontario – below are a few of the articles that you may find some useful tips in for your next fishing outing in our area:

Videos Highlighting Fishing in Minaki, Ontario

In this episode Bob and his Brother Wayne are fishing shallow bays near the resort, early in the season looking for active pike. Bob and Wayne try the lead in points and lead outs of these bays looking for big fish.

The season just opened in May so they find alot of the fish are filtering out of the bays on lead ins and points going out into the open water.

In this episode Bob is fishing near Minaki in the spring and is using swim baits again working the back bays early in the season.

It can be difficult to locate the fish no matter where you go if you’ve only got a few days to find them. Our resort has some of the best guides in the area. You may not want to be guided every day of your fishing trip but it’s a good idea to head out with one of them early in your trip, they’ll be able to put you on the fish right off the hop saving you a whole lot of time.

At Reid’s Birch Island Resort, we know that the joy of fishing doesn’t just come from the catch, but from the full experience. Fishing in Minaki waters offers abundant trophy opportunities year round, but also a wild and beautiful journey. With sought-after, experienced guides, and top-of-the-line boats and gear, we offer freshwater fishing at its finest.

Join us on an unforgettable adventure!

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